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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Owl hops and spreads wings

  "I had the same experience 8 years ago. The nest was in a tree in the middle of the garden. Waking up to go to the lycée, our 4 cats and 1 dog were around it. He had spread out his wings to impress them, but it wasn't going to keep them far for long... I took him (with garden gloves, because yes, the claws are impressive) and put him in my clothes cupboard (wire mesh door). Off to school, and when I came back I took him again under the tree. And hooray he flew to mommy who "showered" him and they went back to the nest!!! Good luck cousin!" - Divya.
  Hmmm. Nice to hear that.
  It was pretty yesterday evening when the sun was setting. A lovely wind.  A serene calm and the sound of birds going home.  Except for the parents of the baby owl.
  A song a dance.  The mama owl hoots her sound with intervals of 'tac tac' then the baby responds with a purr-ish sound.  When the baby makes the sound you have no idea where it is, it is projecting the sound from its ears and forehead; get my point - it resonates all over!  Hops around so the mama can see her.
 I witnessed all this on the balcony sitting quietly.  I thought they were the size of a coconut but actually much smaller.
  The baby has more energy and spreads its wings to scare.  She has even grabbed my finger as if i were a prey.  Makes me smile to see this beautiful lump of feathers with big eyes that wink at you! :)
  This continued for a long, very long time into the dark.  I am assuming that the mama is feeding her!
  I am keeping a watch out as  Aurosylle mentioned that if it does not go all naturally then we might have to feed it.  
  "yeah yeah, feed it some meet and put hair on it; even arm pit hair or something," Monica straightforwardly shared.
  Not reached that stage as yet.  So far so good.  I want to help it with some flying practice; going to pick it up and throw it in the air! :)

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