- It takes a village to raise a child - African saying
- Nature is our best teacher
- we are the world, we are the ones to make a brighter day!..

- Natural farming, food forest

- We dig our grave with our teeth

- Freedom of expression is my birth right

- Freedom of speech comes with great responsibility

- I become what I see in myself. All that thought suggests to me, I can do; All that thought reveals to me, I can become. This should be man’s unshakeable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.

- The Mother said - it is not this OR that, it is this AND that
- Life is for living not to understand
‎"Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees."

Monday, November 29, 2010

Michael our CS turned volunteer

  Michael came to us through our first WWOOF volunteer, Noah, from Lexington, MA, USA.
  Noah, met him at some evening gathering..Michael got in touch with me. 
  A young french traveller visiting India.  Self motivated, eager to learn and an energetic man.  Always asking what he can do.  Always informing us what he is upto to..leaving messages, sms' or calling.
  Everyday he did something which made me feel really comfortable, at ease and another work done from the thousands of things to be done :)
  From planting trees to cleaning the dishes, he was all over the place. 
  He left for Thiruvannamali today.  He has taken our Goenka Vipassana book with him; another subject that he is interested in..he will return to bring back to book though :)
  With all those lovely rains we have had in the week he has stayed with us; it was tough planning anything.  His adaptability was of help..
  We always welcome self-motivated, happy, smiling and courteous volunteers! :)