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- Life is for living not to understand
‎"Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cashew season 2010 over today

Another cashew and i will go nuts.
This just reminds me, dont ask me why, but do you know the expression - not religious nuts but spiritual fruits :)
  We've reached the day where the scavengers (villagers who have the right to pick everything we miss) politely have asked when we/the trees would slow down; which is today.  Which concludes our harvest :)
  17th of April, the season really began.  At first you will have the odd tree given fruits before others at small numbers.  Progressively, it would increase first in quantity and then the trees itself would increase the yield.

  What astounds me is the quantity of fruits the tree gives, all to reproduce itself.   why so many?   

  Bending down picking the fruits is a task.  Walking with the bucket in your hand and walking bent down; filling up slowly getting heavier - makes your back work :)

  We start early morning, around 6am, before it gets too hot. The way the land is laid out and the way the cashew trees are spread out on the land, we eventually made parts of the land and collected those parts every other day.  Everyday we would collect easily 4-5 wheelbarrows! by 10h30ish we would have our pile of cashews under some tree in the shade to seperate the fruit from nut.
  Sitting on a brick or directly on the ground crossed legged, seperating the fruits goes on and on and on..and on! shifting position, stretching and sighing in between :) There are these little gnats (flies) that fly around the fruits, quiet friendly bees come too, small bugs in the thousands are all over, they creep on our hands and try to climb as far as possible or lost on our bodies; ticklish it can be if not irritating :)
  The scavengers, just passed by the house this evening.  I dont like it when they come close to the our house. 

  Yelled at them, nicely and friendlily, to go around.  Once they are on the spree finding any nut that they can under the leaves/still hanging on the tree/green as it is - that marks for sure the end.  No stopping!
   Thank you cashew trees for this years harvest!