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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fundraising details for the wind generator

For anyone interested in the wind generator project, here are a few more details (from Martanda):
I'm trying to manifest what I think will be a great project for Auroville, so I thought I’d start by speaking with you.
Our City of Dawn struggles with energy. We need it, but we’re not getting it in the best or most harmonious ways. Some people connect to the grid (which is harmful to the environment, supports an arguably corrupted system, and provides unreliable current) and others use solar (which can be costly and is not as eco-friendly as we’d like to believe). In cities around the world, from Boston to Geneva, I’ve seen small, domestic-sized wind generators provide adequate power without relying on the “system” or requiring costly replacements.
The best domestic wind generators are made right here in America by Southwest Windpower. Their latest model, called the Airbreeze, produces electricity with just 8mph winds! And it only costs $650. Wow.
I intend to bring domestic wind power to Auroville, proving that these inexpensive and more eco-friendly turbines can compliment or replace our dependence on solar or grid energy. I would like to do this by bringing one generator back as a pilot (I'm in Boston until the end of October), then carefully measure its production based on wind speeds, and release to Auroville at large the findings. Yes, there are bigger wind projects in Auroville—but they are outside our plateau and for others. Domestic generators could provide for Auroville within Auroville at an affordable price. I’m confident the pilot will exceed expectations.
I have already found several individuals who are willing to make financial pledges towards manifesting this project. Unfortunately, several will only donate after I’ve secured the rest of the funding.

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Domestic Wind Generator - Budget for Pilot System

Airbreeze wind generator $649

Tower $400*

Wind meter $85 yo $165

Amp meter $32

Circuit breaker $17

Lightening arrester $100

On/Off switch $16

TOTAL: $1299 to $1379

* I hope Aureka will build a tower at a discounted price for this project, but I have not yet reached out to them.