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Friday, April 29, 2011

Internet prolonged saga

  I sit and wait for Suresh (BSNL) at the junction box in the forest 783m away from the house.
  Of course, he is not on time.  It is called Indian stretchable time (IST) :)  As i have the computer with me i can write this little note while i wait under the eucalyptus tree.
  What a decision to go forward laying a cable to the house.  We have seen great sides to it.  A good 18 days out of 90 days!  When it did work it worked just fine.  What is the problem?  Where is the problem?
  "Did you call them?  When are they coming?  what does that mean?" i heard many times from Catherine. "usually!…."  i understand where she comes from.  She depends on it for her work.  I wish the internet cable in india specifically Auroville would be
  "hmmmm…" i would respond.  She has taken matters in her hand.  The usual way ;)
  They have taken the modem.  They have checked it.  They are bringing it now.  We will test it at one junction box 783m away from the house.  If that works we move on to the house. 
  So far the issue has always been somewhere between one of the junction boxes to the main box near the exchange.  Phew at least laying the cable was not all waste.  Gotta get the freakin' internet data working!
  So here i wait..
  It is lovely as it has rained quite a bit for several days!  it still smells fresh! :)
  (they have arrived…gotta go)

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