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- Nature is our best teacher
- we are the world, we are the ones to make a brighter day!..

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- We dig our grave with our teeth

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- Freedom of speech comes with great responsibility

- I become what I see in myself. All that thought suggests to me, I can do; All that thought reveals to me, I can become. This should be man’s unshakeable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.

- The Mother said - it is not this OR that, it is this AND that
- Life is for living not to understand
‎"Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

..Our toilet..

  Our toilet!
  Our toilet upstairs does not want to flush correctly.  Every time you pull, in this case :)  Normally one pushes, right?  As i fabricated a new device (nylon rope) that goes from the top ~ through a hole i drilled, you pull..
  Anyway.  It is scary to see the water fill the toilet and not sure if it will overflow..:)  So far it does go down but slowly :(
  3 bottles of acid down ~ we thought would do the job.  I hesitated as it is not friendly environmentally but it worked for a few days..
  Some advised me to check the pipe maybe there are roots blocking the way.
  Next step.  Believing that maybe the overflow tank does not percolate fast enough we could pump out the water..
  I wanted to share all the gory details but i will spare you :) shit. lol :)

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