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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Forest vs. Farm

All summer people have mistakenly called Lumiere a farm. "It's NOT a farm," I correct them. "It's a forest." We just happened to chase cows and listen to cocks all night.

But today I took a moment to consider all the changes that occurred since my arrival in June--on the animal front alone. At this moment we have:
  • Four puppies
  • Thirty chickens
  • One cat
  • Two ducks
  • Cow invaders
  • Three residents
  • Two workers
  • Tons of visitors
  • Plans for a baby goat, a piglet, and who knows what else
  • A garden ready for real growth
  • Trees with so many fruits we're figuring out where/whether to sell or give the excess
Maybe--just MAYBE--it's time to start calling Lumiere a forest farm.


  1. WOW!
    Please no goat, really no goat, they eat everything! ooh la la, how you feeding all those mouths? lol

  2. Food Forest instead of Farm, say what?

  3. We feeding all these mouths with lots and lots of rice and dahl. More than I've ever seen consumed in my life.

    But never fear, the numbers are diminishing daily (for better or worse), and as roommates depart, the driving force behind certain animal acquisitions diminishes. For example, with Julie gone, no one is rooting for the baby goat anymore...

    Ah, life on the forest farm. ;)

  4. i would synthesise forest and farm to get a result of Food Forest if you get my point..
    Farm has a very specific idea forest as well so putting them together combines a healthy environment to feed plenty of mouths including wild animals..