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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally a Fridge!

Some things are worth fighting for. Simple as that.

In my life, these days, it’s a fridge.

I begged for it. I asked everyone I knew to buy me a drink, to send me some cash, to do whatever they kindly would to help me on my quest for cold water. Luckily I have incredible and generous friends and family. Within two months, I had the funds for a solar refrigerator.

So I marched to Auroville Energy Products’ Solar Shop. “Hi sir, I’d like to buy a fridge!” And they showed me this giant, white, sparkling machine. “All this?”

He opened the monstrosity. I laughed. Inside there was a shoebox worth of space.

“Yes, it’s smaller than you’d think, but what you put inside will be cold.” That I couldn’t argue with.

The price tag naturally started to change as soon as it came time to pay the bill. “Extra tax.” “Extra installation.” “Extra everything.” I held strong and did what I could. They promised to deliver on Friday.

Thursday I couldn’t hold my excitement. We cleaned everything: all washed floors, put the pillowcases in the machine, put the pillows in the sun. We rearranged the entire kitchen to make room for the newest addition.

Friday it came. And they asked for 3000rs to install it.

Naturally I said explained that installation was free, and they promised to come back Saturday after confirming with the Boss.

Saturday they didn’t come.

Monday I called. They said they’d come Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, they came and said: “Where’s the hole? You have to dig a hole for us to install wires.”

And that’s when I lost it. It takes an awful lot to set me off, but when the switch is flipped, I’m a monster. I cursed and manipulated and laughed and scared all the locals away. But they still didn’t dig my hole, and I still wanted the fridge.

So we worked:

Now, after a long and painful process, we have a fridge.

And life is already a million times better.

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