- It takes a village to raise a child - African saying
- Nature is our best teacher
- we are the world, we are the ones to make a brighter day!..

- Natural farming, food forest

- We dig our grave with our teeth

- Freedom of expression is my birth right

- Freedom of speech comes with great responsibility

- I become what I see in myself. All that thought suggests to me, I can do; All that thought reveals to me, I can become. This should be man’s unshakeable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.

- The Mother said - it is not this OR that, it is this AND that
- Life is for living not to understand
‎"Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The world was tiring on its own destined cyclic rounds of birth, life and death. She went to Shiva to ask  for a boon. Shiva was in deep meditation. The world waited and waited. Shiva meditated and meditated. The world got tired of waiting, so she picked up a stone and hit Shiva on His third eye. Shiva was disturbed. He opened his unhurt pair of eyes. They were blazing with wrath. The world hid behind a mound of clay. Shiva said, "Who the **** hit me? What the ** did I do to deserve this. Come out of hiding at once!" 
The world trembled. Naturally! Shiva's wrath was not unknown. She remained hid but said to Shiva, "Lord, it is me."
" Me? Who the **** is me?" Siva demanded. The world replied, "Me, Lord, The World." 
"How dare", said Shiva, "you refer to your petty self with a capital letter? You are 'me' not 'M'e! I am 'M'e!" The world said, " sorry sir". Shiva, who was a compassionate God said, "Oh, alright, you come out now." The world came out. She stood before Shiva's  red eyes.
" Why the **** did you hit Me?" Shiva.
"Youweremeditating toomuch" - The world.
"So? It is summer, no catastrophe intended. I can meditate while the sun shines bright." 
" Oh Sir, pardon me, for you are ignorant about the hell created in summer when the sun shines. You have no idea!" 
"What the**** are you talking about?"
"Endozulphane, Lord!"
"Yea, I don't know how it is spelled, but it sounds like ENDOZULPHANE"
" What the**** is that?" asked Shiva. 
"I don't know. But you can ask Jonny." 
"Jonny? Who the **** is Jonny?"
"You don't know Jonny? Everyone knows him Lord. He lives in the green belt."
"Green belt?"
"Yeah Lord. He is from Australia."
"I have no time to go to Australia."
" Nooooooooooooooo, Lord, he lives in Auroville."
"Auroville! That little club started by Roger?" 
"Who is Roger?"
"No sir, I don't. Honestly!"
"I am not surprised. Anyway, he died. He created a club of a few French bourgeois freaks who had nothing better to do but choose the best concept in the 'one world' theme."
"Anyhow,Johnny lives in Auroville"
" and you want me to ask him whatever it is that caused hell in summer time on earth?"
"Ok", Shiva replied and closed his eyes again and went in deep meditation.

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