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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mooncup, Keeper, Diva Cup, etc.

Mooncup was our beloved cat, and we call our crow guardian Keeper. But these are more than names of pets, they are life-changing products.

These are all brands of vaginal cups used to collect blood during a woman’s menstruation cycles. They’re made from medical-grade silicon-like materials that ensure against infections or allergies. They’re roughly the size of a small shot glass and flexible enough that the woman inserts the cup (lower than a tampon) and lets it catch the blood—not absorb it—throughout the day. Every so often (ideally 8 hours max), the woman quietly goes to the toilet and empties the contents, which spill neatly into the toilet bowl. She then rinses the cup and reinserts. It’s up to personal preference, but most women boil the cup to sterilize it just before and after each cycle. Voila.

For some, this will sound gross, but I can tell you it’s honestly amazing. While there are a million reasons to switch, I’ll list out a few below… because the Mooncup really is healthier and more convenient, comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly than using tampons or pads.
  • It’s healthier: This is really what switched me… Have you ever dipped a tampon into a glass of water? It expands, right? Ha. ha. ha. Funny, interesting, whatever to see. But have you ever bothered to look closely at the water after dipping the tampon in? It will be full of tiny cotton fibers shed from the tampon. This debris stays in your vaginal walls for ages, and it can cause lacerations, infections, and god-knows what else. With the Mooncup, you know you’re safe.

  • It’s convenient & comfortable: Ever run out of tampons in the middle of your cycle? It’s a pain, right? With the Mooncup, you never have to worry. Just one item to last you (almost) your lifetime. Plus, it’s incredibly comfortable for travel or swimming, and can stay in longer than pads or tampons.

  • You save money: Tampons or pads cost at minimum $4 per month, right? With the Mooncup, which lasts AT LEAST 10 years, you will save $445. Incredible!

  • It’s eco-friendly: Tampons, pads, and other sanitary waste are among the few household items that cannot be sorted or properly recycled. In the U.S. alone, there are over 85 million women of menstruating age contributing over twelve billion pads and 7 million tampons to landfill each year. Are you one of them?
So switch to Mooncups today!

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