- It takes a village to raise a child - African saying
- Nature is our best teacher
- we are the world, we are the ones to make a brighter day!..

- Natural farming, food forest

- We dig our grave with our teeth

- Freedom of expression is my birth right

- Freedom of speech comes with great responsibility

- I become what I see in myself. All that thought suggests to me, I can do; All that thought reveals to me, I can become. This should be man’s unshakeable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.

- The Mother said - it is not this OR that, it is this AND that
- Life is for living not to understand
‎"Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees."

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"We are selling AquaGuard water filters"

  Walking to the 1 acre plot, just so you know; we are away from any main road or any civilized village; i bump into 2 men, on a bike, with bright white shirts with ties ~ WHAT?
  'What are they doing out here?!  Who are these people?!' i thought to  myself.  I couldn't help but laugh at this awkward situation :)  (far away, in a forest, early in the morning and out of the blue)
  "What are you doing?" i asked to make them feel a little welcome ;)
  "We are coming from Discipline (community).  We are selling AquaGuard water filters," they respond scared and nervously.
  "Do you have a water filter?" They asked.
  'Wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask me for directions?' i would imagine.
  Off they road off..back to civilization..
  Surely, makes my day.


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