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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 'whoosh-er'

Here it is the first time..
  All in one super ready made piece, the tower, arrived to the land on the small 'vandi' (motorized).  Unloaded it. 
  So happy and excited to get cracking on setting up to raise it above the trees.  it came to our attention that a little-big adjustment had to be made in this very specific case. There were 4 guy wire ring holders welded to the tower.  We had specifically..wait one second.  Can you hear that 'whooshing sound'? :) (that's the wind generator) lovely!
  So i was saying that we had already decided to have 3 guy wires and not 4; with many trees around the house it was wiser that way.  The mason had already come a long long time ago to make the foundation to hold the guy wires.
Drawing the tower

All the pieces to be welded

Muddy hinge
  Aureka who does a great job took an eternity to make the tower.  Their list of reasons were endless to postpone it.  I do understand how busy they are but i made sure that they would let me know when they could accommodate this little project.  Not to leave out my own slow time i took to decide what kind of tower we were going to use for a 6kg wind generator.  18 meters height was confirmed.  The higher the cleaner the wind.  A minimum of 6-8 meters above the trees will do.  We are using the house for support.  That helps!
  "you can pick it up, we fixed it." Palani, the supervisor in charge declared.  So, the tower returned.
Arulkumar at work

  Arulkumar nicely painted all the welded areas.  We used GI pipes, as the maintenance would be less.  We lifted it up locked it into the holder attached to the house.  Started to measure all the guy wires with a rope to get an approximate length.  Cut all the GI guy wires pulled them tight, adjusted so that the tower is straight vertically.  Catherine's eye was of great help.  and her master stroke of declaring it was right!
  In the meantime, we bought 90 meters of 6mm.sq.  The artful, creative and genius Akash mentioned that it was wiser to get different colors.  Our budget was short and they only provided in  90 meters batches :(

  I was tightening the flange when it occurred to me that i was not able to pass the cable through the pipe.  There was no hole!  Guess what?  It went back to Aureka to be doctored.  Now, how come so many clumsy mistakes.  Logically speaking there was a hole in the hinge at the bottom so why not in the middle?  I was overtime so happy to just have that post that i skipped the cross verification that is always a must! so i do take some blame..(sigh)
  Pathetic doctored hole done by a gas welder.  It totally burnt the super MRF primer and paint!  All done and returned, the truck driver asks, "On whose name do i put the bill?"  :)
  As i write, the wind generator is spinning to glory.  I can say it spins 80% of the time @ 1.25 Amps..we need to get an electronic ammeter so that we can tell the average.  It is very important the location of your wind generator vis-a-vis the wind capacity of the area.  We are at the top of the water shed therefore more wind available.
  Akash came by Monday morning.  He asked, "how long will it take?"
  i responded, "Ten minutes."  He suspected more..
  It took us the whole morning.  (clearing throat)  We are so grateful he came.  Electronics is not my forte.
  I have been super excited and nervous all along.  So i am more reassured today.  As i see the guy wires are holding well.  Little shake.  Minor.  The LED shines which means that it is charging!
trial run

..magic shop..

It is a matter of how much will it generate over the year.  I mean if you had a solar panel instead which generates much more power then the wind generator, it would be the best option and far cheaper.  In our case, we are harvesting the wind that is available and having a hybrid system is our goal, especially during the rainy season.
  Time will tell.

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