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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bokashi li li

  Bokashi in japanese means formentation.
  It is a method to make compost. very simple.
Sourya showed us her installation: a bucket/mini barrrel, a tap at the bottom and a small container with rice husk activated with EM. that's all?! yep.
Well, what do you do with your kitchen peels/left-over-to-be-thrown food? take it to your Bokashi bucket and allow it to forment..
When Sourya, my cousin, showed this to us, we were delighted because our kitchen waste is not ready for our vermicompost; we needed the missing link.
A juice accumulates at the bottom. With the help of the tap, you empty the juices out regularly to a plant..
Excited with this missing link to our composting methods; we drove off to Koot road (nearby mini town) to buy the necessary equipment and returned home to put it together. wow for that price too.
We have begun to use it. filling the bucket and sprinkling rice husk over.
We gave a bokashi self made bucket to our friends Akash and Monica who are thrilled to use their waste for a good purpose since anyway it is going nowhere but to a pile god knows where. we will pick the bucket when full and use it here in the forest!
A step in the dream coming true! :)
Anyone interested? we can install one for you (we going multinational) and replace the full bucket with a new one.

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